How many sessions will I need?

Clients generally need between 8-12 sessions in total. Every client is different and the course of treatment is bespoke to each individual. The exceptions to this are: specific phobias – this can be dealt with in as little as 4 sessions depending on the circumstances. Smoking sessions are a one-off 2 hour session.

Can I be hypnotised against my will?

No. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not use direct suggestion. We use trance in our sessions which is a deep state of relaxation. Trance is a completely natural state and we go into trance several times per day. An example of this would be when driving, walking the dog, washing up etc. During trance, you will take in all of the information and apply it in a way that is appropriate for you.

Is it ok to drive home afterwards?

Yes. Trance is a wonderful state of relaxation where we use our subconscious mind. It is the same as drifting into a daydream. This is completely safe and you will be nicely revitalised to go about you day after the session.

Does it matter if I fall asleep in trance?

No. Even if you drift into a deep state of relaxation and do not consciously hear everything I say to you, your subconscious mind will still be taking in all of the information. At the end of the trance, when I ask you to open your eyes, you will be able to hear my instructions. Clients often think they have fallen asleep but this is not the case. They are in a deep state of relaxation while still being tuned in to what is happening around them.