Happy Houseplant Week!

Houseplant Week UK

8th – 14th January 2024

Happy Houseplant Week! This week, according to horticulturist David Domoney, is a week to celebrate house plants, indoor gardening and all the benefits we can gain from allowing nature into our homes and our lives.

According to an article by the University of Reading, research has shown a link between houseplants and lowered stress and blood pressure. Offices with houseplants has even been shown to have higher job satisfaction and increased productivity. Even the colour green is said to be calming!


In order to produce serotonin – our happy hormone, we need to be active in a positive way. Caring for our houseplants can help us to be physically active even when we are indoors on a cold night.

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Also, if you would like to read more about the benefits of houseplants, below is a link to the articles mentioned above: