Happy New Year

2022 seems as though it came and went in a flash. It feels like a long time since my last blog post (because it is!) so I wanted to write a happy new year message to you all and also provide some tips and hints for staying relaxed in the long month of January.

The festive period is a joyous time but it can also bring some huge challenges for many of us. For those who are grieving, it can feel incredibly lonely and can sometimes feel as though this season will never be the same again.

The new year brings many possibilities. A fresh start full of hope is my favourite thing about this time of year. I love tidying, clearing out and starting anew (most of all, I love a new diary/notebook!).

As 2023 dawns, why not make a resolution to find some time to spend on yourself. We know how much positive activity, interaction and a good night’s sleep can benefit our mental health. When we make a decision to keep our thoughts positive, suddenly the world opens up to us and the possibilities are endless.

Here are some ways in which you can improve your mental health:

  • Write down three good things that have happened each day
  • Get 8-9 hours sleep per night
  • Practise some simple breathing exercises regularly (not just when things feel overwhelming)
  • Think about what you do want instead of what you don’t want
  • Find a hobby (reading, knitting, baking and crafting are all great examples)
  • Spend time laughing with loved ones

When we are struggling with our mental health, it can be hard to find the motivation to do the above. These are exactly the times when we need to make sure that we are trying to find ways to relax and stay positive. Prevention is better than cure, so the more we can try to embed positive activity/thoughts/interaction into our every-day lives, the bigger the impact.